Growing in the Right Direction

Growing in the Right Direction

When it comes to planning the perfect garden, there are a few things to consider:

  • The environment and space for the garden
  • The soil, or foundation in which your plants will grow
  • How you plan to nourish the garden and ensure it grows in just the right way

Ok, so it may seem odd that we have started this blog with a note about gardening, but for those of you who are familiar with A Growing Understanding, you will know that we love a good gardening analogy. And growing a business is quite like creating that perfect garden. So, hopefully you will hang in there while we adopt a few plant puns to provide an insight into how we are growing in the right direction.

From Little Things…

When it comes to planning our growth as a business it is, and always has been, about sustainable growth that is founded in vision, purpose, and passion. Just like planning that garden, we too consider the environment, our foundations and how we can nurture our team and the families we work with to grow skills and support our community.

And, as we open the doors to our fourth location in East Maitland, our garden, full of hand-picked purple professionals, continues to bloom and offers essential speech pathology services that are required across the Hunter Region. But how did we get to this point?

When I opened the first Lake Macquarie practice in 2016, I was the sole clinician providing speech pathology services for a handful of families. And while I loved this time, the entrepreneurial spirit in me knew that I could grow a business that nurtured and supported not only children and their families across the Hunter Region, but those looking to grow a career in speech pathology as well.

I have always believed that for children to grow, they need to be within an environment that understands and supports their individual needs. To establish this environment, we need a foundation of engagement, encouragement, and empowerment where those who support the child can grow with them.  In other words, A Growing Understanding is a place for everyone to grow – parents, educators, clinicians, and of course children.

Five years down the track, and I am pleased to see this vision thriving. With a team of passionate professionals supporting families from four locations: Warners Bay, Williamtown, Newcastle and now East Maitland, we can continue to respond to the needs of our community.

Support and education are our nourishment, and as our garden (business) grows, and our team grows and develops their skills, your family can grow too.

Growing with Care

When nurturing that garden you planned, it is important to remember how big you would like it to grow (number three on the list of things to consider above). Growing too big for the plot can present several problems. And if you find a plant that has popped up where it is not meant to be or just growing for growing sake, it might just be a weed that will end up growing out of control.

Yep, you guessed it, this is another analogy for business growth. It has always been important to me to ensure we approach growth with care, and we do this by remaining focused on three key areas:

  • Accessibility
  • Growing Skills
  • Supporting Communities

These three areas allow us to determine if there is a need for our services and how we are best to respond. We believe that communication access is vital in ensuring everyone can participate in social, educational and community activities. Our growth has helped us continue to provide quality services for children with communication difficulties across the Hunter Region. It also provides opportunities for clinicians to grow sustainable careers, and for families and other professionals to grow their skills and build connected communities.

And with our new location in East Maitland up and running, we are happy with how our garden has grown. Our four locations help us service a community that is dear to our hearts, and within the space we have we will continue to grow and bloom as professionals and ensure your family has access to the services and support you need to grow with us.

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