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At A Growing Understanding Speech Pathology, we believe that growth starts with knowledge...

As a parent it can be hard to find all the answers when it comes to your child's development. That is why A Growing Understanding has created FREE speech pathology resources that can help you navigate your concerns, understand the speech pathology process, and grow your confidence. We also have resources that can help other health professionals.

Speech Pathology Funding Guide

Speech Pathology Funding Guide | A Growing Understanding

Our FREE Speech Pathology Funding Guide was put together to help you assess and understand the funding options, including the NDIS, that are available and how you can finance private speech pathology services for your family.

Modelling and Recasting Resource

To help you feel confident with the delivery of at-home ‘therapy’, our FREE Modelling and Recasting Resource provides an insight into two of our favourite tools to help with home practise.

Speech Pathology Terminology

Have you come across a few words during your child’s speech pathology journey that you aren’t sure of? Our FREE Speech Pathology Terminology Resource will help you understand words and phrases associated with your child’s strengths, challenges and support options.

Speech Sound Milestones

Speech Sound Milestones | A Growing Understanding

*Coming Soon*
Our FREE Speech Sound Milestones Resource will help you to understand your child’s development when it comes to producing speech sounds, and help you identify if there is a potential challenge.

Speech Pathology Referrals Guide

Speech Pathology Referrals Guide | A Growing Understanding

*Coming Soon*
Our FREE Speech Pathology Referrals Guide is designed to assist professionals identify children (aged 0-5) within their care who would benefit from working with a speech pathologist.

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