Warners Bay Speech Pathology Centre

We are all about growth. The growth of the families we work with, and the growth of our service. And as we continue to grow as a business, we needed a new facility to support your family’s growth. Which is why we are pleased to introduce you to our new custom Warners Bay Speech Pathology centre.

Lake Macquarie is the original home of A Growing Understanding and our new Warners Bay centre enables us to grow our service offering for families in the area.

What Does Our Warners Bay Speech Pathology Centre Offer Families?

The most important thing families are looking for when they engage a speech pathologist is service. For us this includes the quality of the services offered, and the accessibility of those services. Our Children’s Speech Therapy services are anchored in coaching and empowerment, and designed to deliver exceptional results. Through interactive and fun activities we encourage greater participation and ensure your child feels as though they have achieved. This, of course, takes place in a fun environment where we celebrate growth.

When families walk through the door at our new Warners Bay centre, they are greeted with a friendly smile, and can relax in our bright and spacious reception room.

In addition to exceptional services and support, our new centre offers some exciting features designed to ensure we can all continue to grow together:

  • Therapy rooms complete with resource cupboards full of fun games and toys, craft supplies and so much more
  • Spacious group therapy rooms for special social programs and workshops
  • A sensory room with different textures, equipment and calming items to help your child engage and feel confident
  • Accessible bathroom facilities

A Lake Macquarie Touch of Tradition

We believe that growth can only happen when we know where we have come from and where our foundations lay. With this in mind, merging tradition with the new was an important component when it came to creating this space.

We engaged Lake Macquarie artist, Saretta Fielding, to create beautiful artworks and give each of the rooms an Awabakal name and image.

No Waiting Lists

More therapy rooms, means new team members joining our service. And the combination of experienced speech pathologists and increased space means we have the capacity to help more families and welcome you into our new Warners Bay centre.

We don’t have a waiting list and have appointments available almost immediately.

This has always been an important part of our service and as we grow, we want families to be able to access the services when and where they need them. It is this access to services that ensures we, as a community, can continue to grow and support those in need.

Accessing Speech Pathology Services

In addition to our custom centre in Warners Bay, we have centres in Newcastle and Port Stephens. We also offer mobile services where our experienced speech pathologists can come to your home or child’s school or education setting.

As we grow, we want you and your child to grow too. If you have any concerns about your child’s language and communication skills, talk to our Client Experience team today. They will help you navigate your family’s speech pathology journey and ensure you access the services required.


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