Growing Up with A Growing Understanding Speech Pathology Podcast

Conversations about children’s development that will support you through your parenting journey.

Let’s grow together and navigate our parenting journeys with confidence and support.

Let’s face it, parenting is tough. We all have ups and downs, good moments, and challenging moments. And one of the best things for parents is realising that we are not in this alone. Other parents experience the same challenges, and we have an abundance of opportunities to learn from each other and grow. That is what Growing Up with A Growing Understanding Speech Pathology Podcast is all about.

During each episode we will help you navigate the ups and downs of parenting and provide you with valuable information to support your child’s development.

Each episode includes a Q & A style of discussion where we look at certain areas of family support and children’s development, and provide you with important information and advice, including:

  • Parenting hacks and tips
  • Advice on areas including speech pathology and communication development, Allied Health services, behaviour and early intervention supports
  • How you can access the services your family requires to grow
  • Book recommendations for both kids and adults
  • How you can find a way to embrace your own parenting style

One of the best parts of this podcast is the candid sharing of relatable anecdotes and funny stories. It is through these stories that we can build our own understanding and find a way to grow – as individuals and as parents.

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