Supporting Your Family During COVID-19

Supporting Your Family During the COVID-19 Crisis

We are all feeling overwhelmed, unsure and anxious in this unprecedented time. As parents, we know that the impact of COVID-19 is far reaching, but your family comes first. Knowing how to keep your family safe is paramount. And with unusual times ahead, you need to know where to turn for ongoing support.

I am here to assure you that the A Growing Understanding team will support your family during the COVID-19 crisis. We have existing services and are putting into place many other strategies that will ensure consistency of support for all families. Here are just a few:

Online Speech Pathology Services

During uncertain times, access to quality services and support is incredibly important. A Growing Understanding has a secure and safe online service that ensures your child can continue to grow their communication and language skills from the comfort of home. Telehealth and online services have been a part of our offering for some time, and our team are experienced in delivering high-quality therapy in this context.

Our online sessions ensure you have direct contact with your speech pathologist, and an opportunity to develop essential skills including literacy, sound practice, vocabulary building and social skills. We also work directly with parents during these sessions. Together with support materials, our information and advice will ensure you feel empowered and can support your child at home.

Both new and existing clients can access our online service which includes one-on-one therapy sessions, assessments and parent support. Our Client Experience Officers will also provide 15 minute video consultations to walk you through the set up and ensure you have everything you need to make your online transition smooth and successful.

Parent Support

Parent support is a big part of what we do and will continue to be throughout this challenging time. We believe that for a child to achieve and build their confidence, we need to simultaneously build the confidence of those who care for and support them – you.

Through our online service, we will work directly with you to build your skills and confidence, and provide you with the information and resources required to help your child grow and learn at home.

Resources and Education Materials

A Growing Understanding remains dedicated to producing and supplying valuable resources for families to build their awareness and understanding of speech pathology, childhood milestones, home-based practice techniques and more.

We have developed a new Socail Story and Handwashing Visuals Chart to help children gain a better understanding of this challenging time. We will also continue to develop new educational resources that will be available over the coming months. Keep an eye out for these resources and be sure to check out our blog for practical tips and advice.

Webinars and Online Support Networks

With the introduction of phrases like ‘social distancing’ to our vocabulary, it is important to know that yes, we need to be safe and aware, but we can also remain ‘connected’ during this time. A Growing Understanding are working on several online portals and opportunities for families to stay connected and gain access to support, virtual community events and educational programs. We know that the thought of ‘isolation’ and ‘lock down’ is scary, and we will do what we can to ensure you and your family remain connected to your community, access flexible services and continue to build essential skills.

One of the most important things to remember during the COVID-19 crisis is that we are all in this together. By remaining connected to valuable services and supporting each other, we can get through this and continue to grow.

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