School Holiday Activities in Newcastle & Lake Macquarie

School Holiday Activities Around Newcastle and Lake Macquarie

The summer school holidays are a mixture of festive celebrations, long sunny days (most of time), family time, fun and a bit of chill out time. But as we get further into the New Year, we start to see boredom, perhaps too much screen time, and the impending effects of mixed up routines. The best solution is to find some fun and entertaining school holiday activities to do with the kids.

Luckily, we live in an area where fun and engaging school holiday activities are easy to find. But what kind of activities will hit the spot for your kids? For us, we look for school holiday activities that offer the three “e’s” – experience, engagement and education. Ok, maybe the educational part is for the parents, but we have found a selection of the top school holiday activities around Newcastle and Lake Macquarie that we think you and your kids will love.

Our Top School Holiday Activities Around Newcastle and Lake Macquarie

Finding those special school holiday activities that tick all the boxes is made that much easier with services like Newy with Kids, Newcastle Council, Lake Macquarie Council, Lake Mac Family Life and more. These services offer extensive lists that include events, places and family activity ideas to suit all budgets and interests.

After perusing a few of these sites, here are our top picks for places to explore these school holidays:

Newcastle and Lake Mac Libraries

It is no secret that as speech pathologists we love books, and that is probably why we decided to check out the libraries and what they are offering around Newcastle and Lake Macquarie. The good news is that many of the school holiday programs offered at the Newcastle Libraries and Lake Macquarie Libraries are FREE.

Some of the activities on offer at the Libraries include special reading and ‘Meet the Author’ events, craft activities and even a special Dino experience at Belmont Library called ‘Hatched’.

Blackbutt Reserve and Hunter Wetlands

There is nothing quite like getting outdoors and exploring nature, and we have plenty of options to do so in the Hunter Region.

Two of our favourite places to experience the wonders of nature and even get up close and personal with some native animals are Blackbutt Reserve and Hunter Wetlands.

With playgrounds, open spaces, nature reserves, animals, beautiful picnic spots and more, these locations are great for a day out with the family. Explore the various walking tracks (or boardwalk at Blackbutt) and even check out the various reptile displays. The young kids love patting and touching the scaly creatures.

Museums and Art Galleries

Back indoors for the excitement that can be found at Newcastle Museum, Newcastle Art Gallery MAC (Museum of Art and Culture) and Finite Gallery (a little gem hidden in Caves Beach). All venues offer a variety of hands-on activities including craft, art and science, many of which are free.

And don’t forget about their various exhibitions of amazing local artists and interactive historical displays.

Ninja Parc and The Rock

Indoor sporting facilities can be found all around Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, each with their own offering of activities like trampolining, gymnastics classes, yoga for kids, indoor spots and more. Two of our favourites would have to be the Ninja Parc in Newcastle and The Rock at Caves Beach.

Both facilities will get your kids moving and exploring their bodies with rock climbing walls and exciting parkour runs. They offer school holiday programs where kids can learn specific skills and build their confidence.

Group Programs

This list is certainly not exhaustive of the school holiday activities that are on offer around Newcastle and Lake Macquarie. It is just a mere starting point and one that will hopefully provide you with some ideas on how to beat summer holiday boredom and give your kids some fun experiences.

We are lucky to live in an area that not only offers fun school holiday activities, but also incredible nature experiences. From our beaches to nature reserves, parks to the Lake; we are spoiled for choice when it comes to just getting outside and exploring nature. And from our perspective, ‘natural adventures’ are perhaps amongst the best when it comes to those three e’s we were talking about previously.

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