Newcastle Speech Pathology Service

Newcastle Speech Pathology Service is Coming

Have you heard the news? Our Newcastle speech pathology service is opening in November! This is our next step in growing our service offering, so we can continue to grow the skills and confidence of children around the region.

Our Newcastle Speech Pathology Service

As part of our ongoing plan to support families across the region, I have just signed a lease for space within the newly developed Cooks Hill Health Hub. The A Growing Understanding team will join other Allied Health providers in this new medical hub, and we are thrilled at the prospect of working with Newcastle families to break down communication barriers, build life-long skills and grow confidence.

What Does our Newcastle Location Mean for You?

While you might be joining with us in celebrating our ongoing growth, you might also be wondering what does this mean for me and my child? Simply put, it means better access to quality services.

For us, Newcastle was the next best move in ensuring more families from the region have access to speech pathology services that are not only engaging, but centred around growing confidence and understanding of both children and those who care for and support them. We believe that communication access is vital in ensuring everyone can participate in social, educational and community activities. Our Newcastle speech pathology clinic will help us to continue to provide quality services and support those located in and around the city centre.

Plus, a new clinic means new opportunities and appointments which makes it even easier for you to secure a time that works for your family.

How Did We Get Here?

With a keen focus on helping children grow to their full potential, I have always believed that speech pathology services should be as unique as each child. Just like a tree requires the right kind of support and nurturing to grow and bloom as it should; a child requires tailored services that respond to their needs, interests and challenges, and helps them grow to their full potential.

It may already be obvious to our long time supporters, but I often like to compare our service offering to that of nurturing a tree. Every type of tree is different and how much they grow depends on the amount and type of nurturing they receive. Our role is not to grow a small tree to larger than what it should be or into a different type of tree. Our role is to help it grow into the best version of itself.

This belief drove me to establish the first A Growing Understanding Speech Pathology practice where emphasis has always been placed on education, engagement and empowerment to ensure children learn life-long communication skills and build confidence at their own pace.

When the Lake Macquarie practice opened in 2016, I was the sole clinician with minimal appointments each week. In just three years the practice has grown significantly. I am now very lucky to have eight amazing clinicians and support staff working with me out of three locations.

This new location is just our next step when it comes to growing our service offering so your child can grow too.

What Can You Expect When You Visit the Newcastle Clinic?

Families who visit the Newcastle clinic will receive the same dedicated service and support that all our clients experience. We will work with each family to discover their individual needs, challenges and aspirations, and will support them throughout their speech pathology journey. We ensure all families feel relaxed and at home when they visit one of our clinics. Children have an opportunity to explore the rooms and discover new toys, books, games, anything that will make their session fun and engaging.

Celebrating your child’s small wins so we can achieve big results is also a part of our service offering. My team and I are firm believers in using fun and celebration within our therapy sessions to drive engagement and augment better results. By celebrating each small win throughout a therapy sessions, your child will feel accomplished, they will feel happy and this, in turn, breads confidence and encourages success.

We will also work directly with parents and carers so they feel confident and empowered to continue ‘therapy’ in everyday situations. After all,  if what is learnt in the speech therapy session is continued at home and during everyday activities, the ‘impression’ will become ingrained, a part of your child’s everyday, and you will see their communication skills grow.

When Does the Newcastle Clinic Open?

Our Newcastle clinic will open on Monday 11 November 2019 – a very memorable day indeed.

We are currently taking appointments, so if you would like to secure a time that works for your family, click here to book online. Alternatively, you can always contact our amazing team. We are ready and willing to help you navigate your concerns and help you embark on your speech pathology journey with confidence.

We thank all those who have supported us in our growth, and are looking forward to this new chapter in our journey. Let’s grow together!


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