Hannah Carney

Speech Pathologist

About Hannah Carney

Hannah is a Newcastle local, and loves working with families from the area to help them grow and develop communication skills.  She is an enthusiastic speech pathologist who is passionate about developing children’s communication skills.

After graduating from the University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours) in 2016, Hannah enjoyed working within the Not For Profit sector, but is now excited by the opportunity to join the A Growing Understanding team and make speech therapy fun.

With a keen interest in helping children with special needs, she takes an individualised approach to therapy and works closely with families to augment the best outcomes.

Hannah Carney

Hannah's areas of interest:

Assessments, Developmental Difficulties including Autism Spectrum Disorder, Stuttering, Speech Sound Disorders and Language Disorders.

To make an appointment with Hannah, you can instantly book online, use our online chat system, or call (02) 4044 1122.

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