Emma Hyde

Speech Pathologist

About Emma Hyde

Emma was born and bred in Newcastle and has been working as a speech pathologist for over 15 years. Having worked in a range of settings, including community health, hospitals and schools, Emma holds valuable experience.

She has worked in senior leadership and management roles in health and as a clinical educator for the University of Newcastle Speech Pathology Program.

With a daughter of her own, Emma is passionate about developing children’s communication and feeding skills and always strives to ensure that sessions cater to each individual child and that they are fun!

She enjoys working closely with families to support them throughout their journey and is dedicated to working with children to help them achieve their goals.

Emma Hyde

Emma's areas of interest:

Early Language, Feeding, Speech Sound Delays, Literacy, and Phonological Awareness.

To make an appointment with Emma, you can instantly book online, use our online chat system, or call (02) 4044 1122.

(02) 4044 1122

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