More Than Words

As a parent of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), you know how challenging it can be for them to interact meaningfully with others and connect with the world around them.

The More Than Words program addresses your child’s unique needs, and provides you with the tools to help them reach their full communication potential.

Tools and strategies to help your child reach their full communication potential.

The Hanen More Than Words program is specifically designed for parents of children aged 5 and under on the autism spectrum and with other social communication difficulties.

By focussing on your natural, day-to-day life with your child, this program will help you discover how to take everyday activities like meal time, story time and bath time, and use them to help your child reach the following three goals:

  1. Improved social communication and back-and-forth interactions
  2. Improved play skills
  3. Improved imitation skills

The program is NDIS approved, and will help you discover:

  • What motivates your child to communicate
  • How to use your knowledge about your child to set appropriate and realistic goals
  • How to make interactions with your child last longer
  • Tips for using pictures and print to help your child’s understanding
  • Strategies for how to talk so that your child understands you
  • Strategies for developing your child’s play skills
  • Ways to help your child make friends

Over a 13-week period, speech pathologist, Shaylee Thomas, will guide you through the Hanen More Than Words program, and provide you with practical strategies you can use in everyday situations.

The program includes:

  • 8 training sessions for parents in small, personalised groups
  • A pre-program consultation for you and your child with one of our speech pathologists
  • Three individual visits for you and your child with the speech pathologist in which you are videotaped while practicing strategies to help your child achieve specific communication goals. You and the speech pathologist then watch the videotaped interaction to “see” what’s helping your child and what you can modify to help even more.

If you would like to experience a positive change in the way you interact and communicate with your child, complete the following enquiry form, or call us on 02 4044 1122.

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