Early Career Speech Pathologists

Supporting the Growth of Early Career Speech Pathologists

I remember my days as an early career Speech Pathologist. Full of questions and aspirations, I loved putting my new-found skills to the test and supporting families through their speech and language development journeys. But honestly, it would have been hard to carve out the career I have without the support of the amazing colleagues and mentors I entrusted along the way.

I consider myself to be incredibly lucky in my career. I have been given opportunities to grow both personally and professionally, and now, as the Director of A Growing Understanding Speech Pathology, I want to offer early career Speech Pathologists a chance to grow in a supported environment.

A Growing Understanding currently has three young professionals who are eager to share their expertise and passion with you and help your family grow. Read on to discover what they have to say about their role as an early career Speech Pathologist with A Growing Understanding and how they can support your family as we all grow together.

Meet Megan

Megan Fryer

Early Career Speech Pathologist Working at our Lake Macquarie Centre

What does A Growing Understanding offer that supports you in your new career?

Working eight hours a day is a huge change from university. One thing that has helped me in this shift is the flexible working hours. I have six hours of face-to-face in-clinic work and then I have two hours of admin work to do at home. This means that when I get home I can go for a walk along the beach or put some washing on before sitting down and getting the rest of my work done.

A Growing Understanding is an amazing first job because of the welcoming and friendly team and opportunity to shadow experienced Speech Pathologists. Lauren places a huge emphasis on ensuring that it is a supportive team environment and that we learn from each other. We even have weekly communications with the wider team.

The team of Client Experience Officers (CEOs) also help and support me in my new role. They ensure that the clients have a great experience while at A Growing Understanding, and the Speech Pathologists are organised and prepared to deliver a great service.

I am also incredibly grateful for the support Lauren has offered that comes in the shape of a state-of-the-art coffee machine. Who knew you could gain support for your career and coffee addiction at the same time 😊

Why is seeing an early career Speech Pathologist an advantage for clients?

Seeing an early career Speech Pathologist can be an advantage because we have just completed our studies and therefore are up to date and current on the latest research and best evidence-based practise.

Early career Speech Pathologists are not set in their way. We will often not have any expectations of a client’s skills, understanding and development and can create therapy plans and goals that are completely client centred.

Early career Speech Pathologists will also seek support and guidance from senior Speech Pathologists. This ensures families receive a collaborative approach to therapy.

Meet Esther

Esther Duffy

Early Career Speech Pathologist Working at Our Newcastle Centre

What does A Growing Understanding offer that supports you in your new career?

The team at A Growing Understanding is incredibly close knit and we all work together. All team members are inclusive which gives us a unique opportunity to gain support and advice from senior clinicians and receive the help we may require.

Each clinician has strengths in different areas, which really helps in knowing who to contact whenever I am unsure. Everyone is really passionate about their areas of interest (and in speech pathology in general), which means they are always more than happy to impart their knowledge.

The peer mentor support at A Growing Understanding is incredible. As an early career Speech Pathologist I have a mentor who I work with closely. She checks in with me every day to see how I am going with my caseload, checks if I have any questions, guides me during clinical decisions and refers me to specific programs or resources if I am unsure. We meet at least a few times a week, also ensuring that I am not becoming too overwhelmed and checking on how I am doing mentally.

I feel incredibly nurtured as a clinician and supported to develop as a professional Speech Pathologist.

Why is seeing an early career Speech Pathologist an advantage for clients?

In terms of benefits, we have studied the most recent and up to date literature, and techniques at University. We therefore know all about the latest approaches to speech therapy including specific techniques, programs and even the latest research associated with speech and language development.

Because we have not yet discovered our areas of interest, early career Speech Pathologists have a lot of fresh knowledge about a broad range of clinical presentations across all fields of speech pathology.

Meet Brooke

Brooke Doolan Speech Pathologist

Early Career Speech Pathologist Working at Our Newcastle Centre

What does A Growing Understanding offer that supports you in your new career?

As an early career Speech Pathologist, the world of Allied Health can be a daunting place. The team at A Growing Understanding have made the transition into this world as comfortable and as exciting as it could be! I have been grateful to be surrounded by individuals who have all been in my position and are now experienced Speech Pathologists with years of knowledge to share.

A Growing Understanding has created a safe and supportive environment for early career Speech Pathologists like myself to learn, develop and flourish. I have access to a personal early career mentor, group supervision sessions and personal wellbeing check ins every week.

Why is seeing an early career Speech Pathologist an advantage for clients?

From a client’s perspective, there are many advantages to seeing an early career Speech Pathologist! We are fresh out of university which means that our heads are full of CURRENT and EVIDENCE-BASED ways to help your child succeed.

We will endeavour to provide the best practice for your child as an individual by accessing all of the support systems offered to us, so technically your child is being seen by 5 speechies!

We also have a smaller caseload as an early career speech pathologist and therefore have more time to focus on your child and what they need to participate in everyday life.


To work with one of these passionate professionals, talk to our CEO team today. We don’t have any waiting lists and are ready to help you and your child grow.

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