Speech and Language Assessments in Newcastle

Helping your child grow through individualised assessments and support.

Speech Assessments to Understand and Support Your Child’s Development

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Understanding where your child is up to with their speech and language development can be tricky. After all, children develop at their own pace.

But, if you are concerned, the best course of action is to seek assistance from a speech pathologist, and this assistance will often start with a speech and language assessment.

Our team of qualified speech pathologists offer speech and language assessments to help grow our understanding of your child’s strengths, interests, and challenges, and how we can tailor speech therapy and support to suit your family’s individual needs.

We offer speech and language assessments to grow our understanding of your child’s strengths and tailor speech therapy to suit your family's needs.

What Does an Assessment Involve?

A Growing Understanding ensures that all assessments are fun, accessible and valuable. We utilise a combination of formal standardised tests, engaging activities incorporating play, conversations, and other strategies to help us observe your child and assess a variety of areas including:

  • Speech Sounds and Articulation (Speech Clarity)
  • Early Language Skills
  • Pre-school and School Aged Language Skills
  • Fluency of Speech (Stuttering)
  • Social Skills
  • Literacy Skills (Phonological Awareness and Development of Reading and Writing Skills)
  • Feeding Skills

We also gather information from other professionals who know your child well including teachers, educators, psychologists, paediatricians, GPs and occupational therapist. This information, together with your insights and observations, can help us form an individualised speech therapy plan that will help your child grow.

Speech and Language Assessments FAQs

Enquire About Speech and Language Assessments for Children

Fill in the form below to get started on your speech pathology journey. One of our team will be in touch with you shortly to book in your assessment.

Our speech and language assessments typically run for about 60-90 minutes and a second session may be needed to gather the required information. The sessions are relaxed and fun, with lots of play involved!

If you need more help, contact our friendly team on (02) 4044 1122 or feel free to send us an email.