Your child can learn and grow through sensory and play based therapy.

The SPOT to Learn and Grow Through Sensory and Play Based Therapy

Does your child require OT and speech therapy? Kids SPOT is the perfect opportunity to combine these therapies, and help your child develop essential skills.

Presented by a Speech Pathologist from A Growing Understanding, and an Occupational Therapist from Happy Dots, your child can participate in fun and interactive activities designed to build abilities and confidence in:

  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills
  • Following Instructions
  • Self Expression
  • Social Skills

This group program is ideal for children aged 4 to 6 years, and are starting school the following year.

Utilising different themes (Animals, Dinosaurs, Pirates and Fairies etc) to ensure engagement, the activities presented over 10 weeks are tailored to suit personal goals and will develop the following skills:

  • Listening and following instructions
  • Verbal expression in tasks such as sharing ‘news’
  • Social skills including turn-taking and joint attention
  • Pre-reading and pre-writing skills
  • Beginning sound-letter links and early phonological awareness
  • Fine motor skills including using pencils and scissors
  • Self care skills such as opening lunch packets
  • Confidence and self esteem
  • Gross Motor Activities – large body movements ie. running, jumping, crawling

Please note all group programs align with our COVID-19 Safety Plan and ensure the health and wellbeing of all attendees and staff members.

This group will be limited to a maximum of eight (8) children and two staff members to ensure adequate space for social distancing. All attendees are required to follow our safety measures.

If you would like to help your child learn valuable skills, and help them get ready for school, complete the following enquiry form, or call us on (02) 4044 1122.

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