Kids Group Programs

Fun Kids Group Programs and Activities to Grow Communication and Social Skills

Children learn so much from interacting with each other. That is why A Growing Understanding Speech Pathology offers fun and engaging Kids Group Programs that run at various times throughout the year and during the school holidays.

For many children, language and social communication skills can be tricky to master. If a child does struggle with language and communication skills, they may find that they become isolated and miss out on taking part in a variety of fun activities that involve turn-taking, sharing or even communicating their needs and ideas.

Our Kids Group Programs will help your child build key skills including turn-taking, receptive and expressive language skills (ability to express instructions and follow instructions), play skills, how to make friends, conversational skills and motor skills.

The activities are based on children’s interests and are designed to provide children with a fun and supportive environment to practice the valuable skills they have learnt.

Our team of qualified speech pathologists, together with other professionals (including Occupational Therapists for some groups), ensure all programs:

• Provide additional support to help your child build communication skills and achieve their speech and language goals in a group setting
• Encourage peer support and help your child build confidence and make new friendships
• Provide opportunities to practice various speech, language and social skills within ‘real world’ situations
• Offer an opportunity for your child to learn from other children and even take on a leadership role

School Holiday Kids Group Programs
School Term Kids Group Programs
Our Kids Group Programs are an exciting way for your child to reach their full potential and gain some new friends in the process. Don’t miss this opportunity for your child to grow in a fun and interactive group setting. Secure your child’s position in one or more of our group programs today.
For more information on our Kids Group Programs, please click on the images above or call our team on (02) 4044 1122.

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