Intensive Speech Pathology Programs

Helping your child reach their goals with intensive speech therapy.

Intensive Speech Therapy to Support Your Child’s Development

Helping your child achieve their individual speech pathology goals is vital when it comes to the development of essential skills and growing their confidence.

A Growing Understanding is pleased to offer families Intensive Speech Pathology Programs that are designed to help your child achieve targeted goals that may be associated with:

  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech
  • Literacy Skills (reading and writing)
  • Oral Language Skills (story telling)
  • Transition to School
  • Speech Sounds

Offered during the school holiday period, our team of qualified speech pathologists will utilise engaging activities incorporating play, and evidence-based practices during each intensive program to ensure your child has fun and gains that all-important sense of achievement.

What is Intensive Speech Pathology?

Typically, a speech pathologist will see a child they are working with once a week or fortnight within the clinic to help them achieve their goals. At this intensity of intervention, we would provide 5-10 sessions each school term. Children make fantastic gains with this intensity of intervention.

However, for some specific intervention programs and speech and language difficulties, research suggests that providing intervention more intensively for a shorter period, such as 3-5 times per week for 3-6 weeks is going to help your child make more significant gains and help them achieve their goals sooner.

At A Growing Understanding, we aspire to constantly provide the highest quality of intervention for our families and feel that our Intensive Speech Pathology Programs will provide you and your child with the right support during the holiday period.

The Benefits of Intensive Speech Pathology

  • Intensive Programs can allow children to achieve their goals quicker. They provide a significant amount of practice over a shorter period, and therefore can result in achievement towards goals typically seen after longer periods of therapy when they are spread out over a week or fortnight.
  • Your child can achieve increased engagement in learning opportunities and provides more opportunities for practice with corrective feedback.
  • We can cover more skills and strategies over a shorter period.
  • Intensive Programs allow you to focus on intervention during the school holiday period while your child is not at school, and you are not trying to fit intervention around other extra-curricular activities.
  • Intensive Programs are individualised to your child and incorporate your child’s interests to increase engagement.
Intensive Speech Pathology Programs

A Growing Understanding has developed five Intensive Speech Pathology Programs to support your child during the upcoming school holiday period. Explore each program below.

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