Does Your Child Appear to Have Feeding Difficulties?

Most children will go through a ‘fussing eating’ stage, but ongoing feeding difficulties can lead to serious health issues. Your child may find it difficult to swallow certain foods, may be sensitive to certain textures, gag while eating or generally have a tough time eating and swallowing what they need to stay healthy.

A Growing Understanding Speech Pathologists are trained in assessing, diagnosing, and treating feeding difficulties. We can work with you and your child to develop an understanding of the behaviours, muscles, nerves and processes that are required to work together for successful chewing and swallowing.

Our individualised therapy programs include ongoing parent support and education, and are specifically designed to:

  • Implement a thorough assessment of the specific feeding challenge.
  • Tap into your personal situation when it comes to feeding, your child’s interests, skills, and challenges to develop appropriate goals and help build confidence in this space.
  • Provide ongoing therapy and advice regarding positioning of your child during mealtime, the different methods of feeding and reducing aversions to certain types of foods.
  • Utilise games and play to help your child explore the characteristics of new foods and drinks.
  • Support parents and provide at-home activities to help introduce new foods and set up effective mealtime strategies.
  • Celebrate your child’s success and encourage ongoing exploration of food.

What to Look Out for with Feeding Difficulties:

  • Are you struggling to transition your child to solid foods?
  • Does your child gag when eating or have difficulties chewing and swallowing certain foods?
  • Does your child frequently cough after eating and drinking?
  • Does your child refuse food or have strong aversions to certain foods?
  • Does your child experience anxiety and exhibit challenging behaviours at mealtime?

Remember, every child develops at their own pace, but if you are concerned, talk to us today. Our friendly team of experienced speech pathologists are here to guide you through your concern and help you take the best next step.