Children's Speech Therapy

A Growing Understanding Speech Pathology offers speech therapy and communication support for children and young people, and provides ongoing support and advice for families.

Children’s Speech Therapy in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie

A Growing Understanding Speech Pathology provides Children’s Speech Therapy Services that are anchored in coaching and empowerment, and designed to deliver exceptional results.

By gaining an understanding of your child’s unique abilities, interests and needs, we introduce interactive and fun activities in all sessions. These activities are designed to encourage greater participation and create a fun environment for growth.

We believe a holistic approach to your child’s development is essential when it comes to reaching their full potential. That is why we have strong working relationships with local professionals from other disciplines including Occupational Therapists (OTs), Psychiatrists, Paediatricians and Physiotherapists. We collaborate and work with these professionals to support children’s goals, within individual and group settings, and as part of our ongoing professional development.

Our children’s speech therapy services are delivered at our centres located in Lake Macquarie and Newcastle. We offer greater flexibility and access to speech pathology services with appointments available at both locations between 7.30am and 7.00pm most days.

We can also bring our services to your home, your child’s education centre or school, and we also offer an interactive online service.

We support all forms of communication and encourage children to connect and grow in their own way.

We work with children who present with a variety of speech, language and feeding difficulties including:
Speech Sounds

The sounds used when speaking and how well someone is understood.

Expressive Language

Using words and sentences correctly, and development of vocabulary.

Receptive Language

The ability to follow directions, answer questions and understand words and stories.


An interruption to the rhythm and flow of the production of speech sounds.


Includes breastfeeding and helping children through all stages of feeding.


Awareness of sounds for reading and spelling, reading comprehension and writing skills.

Play and Connection

We acknowledge that all communication methods are valid and there are multiple ways to play, communicate and socialise. We value, support and model all communication, play and social interactions based on individual preferences, needs and family goals.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

AAC includes all forms of communication (other than oral speech) that are used to express thoughts, needs, wants, and ideas.

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Growing Your Child's Confidence with Fun and Engaging Speech Pathology Services

What is the first step when it comes to my child’s therapy?

A Growing Understanding Speech Pathology takes the time to talk with all families so we can gain an understanding of your concerns and your capacity, and help you to understand our process.

Following your enquiry, we generally recommend booking in for an Initial Parent Consultation where we can develop a ‘Service Plan’, or you may require a thorough assessment that will help us determine the best services for your child.

What happens in an assessment session?

Speech and Language Assessments usually occur within one of our therapy rooms and can take one or two sessions to complete (depending on the assessment required). Depending on the age and needs of your child, informal and/or formal (standardised) assessments may be required to gain a full picture of your child’s strengths and areas for development, relative to their age.

Games and activities are always used in these sessions to encourage engagement, and allow for play and movement breaks as required. An Assessment Summary will be provided on completion of the assessment, and full reports can also be provided.

When will therapy commence and what will happen in these sessions?

Therapy sessions will generally commence as soon as possible, following the initial assessment. These sessions will run for approximately 30 to 60 minutes at a time, depending on your child’s needs. On the outset of the therapy session with your child, we will set realistic goals based on your concerns and on the realities of your day to day life. Your child’s progress and needs throughout their therapy will be reviewed and we will update their goals and therapy plan as needed.

The activities that we do with your child during the therapy sessions are designed to be fun and rewarding and we take pride in selecting games and resources that complement your child’s interests. Your child will often be invited to choose preferred games too, giving them a feeling of control and independence which enhances motivation and participation.

During most sessions, you can be in the room with the speech pathologist and your child. Your attendance is encouraged as this helps to ensure that everyone understands the therapy process.

How can I support my child’s therapy?

A Growing Understanding Speech Pathology offers parent guidance and training with every therapy session, so that you can support your child’s learning outside of the therapy setting. Home practice is key when it comes to achieving the best outcomes for your child. Your Speech Pathologist will work with you to determine an achievable home practice plan and will provide you with advice, ideas, handouts, pictures and workbooks at the end of each session.

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