Speech Pathology Services

Through flexible services designed to suit your family’s needs and circumstances, we can help you and your child grow confidence and communciation skills.

Speech Pathology Services Provided by Newcastle's Most Trusted Speech and Language Therapy Professionals

Our services are flexible and specifically designed to help you and your family grow.

A Growing Understanding Speech Pathology provides evidence-based speech pathology services for children, parents and professionals. As the name suggests, our services are centred around growing the understanding of not only children, but for those who care for and support them.

Through individualised speech therapy, assessments, supports and online sessions; our speech pathologists are dedicated to working with families across Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter Region.

We are driven by your child’s success and will help them build confidence, and communicate in a way that works for them.

We also work directly with parents so you feel empowered and confident to help your child continue their speech pathology journey at home.

Children's Speech Therapy

A Growing Understanding Speech Pathology offers speech therapy appointments and assessments for children of all ages. Our unique approach enables us to assess a child’s abilities, interests and needs, and provide personalised advice and support.

Supporting children with a range of language, communication and feeding difficulties, our speech pathology services harness best-practice approaches that ensure great outcomes.

Online Appointments

A Growing Understanding offers online and virtual speech pathology appointments to support the growth of you and your child from the comfort of your own home.

Our online speech pathology appointments are just like a face to face session. We work directly with you and your child to develop speech and language skills. The difference, however, is that we utilise Telehealth, (specific telecommunication techniques) to deliver evidence-based care to clients located anywhere.

Speech and Language Assessments

Understanding where your child is up to with their speech and language development can be tricky. After all, children develop at their own pace.

But, if you are concerned, the best course of action is to seek assistance from a speech pathologist, and this assistance will often start with a speech and language assessment.

Clinician Development

The skills and quality of care provided within the speech pathology industry is important to us. That is why A Growing Understanding Speech Pathology facilitates the delivery, monitoring and quality of practice of other professionals through the provision of professional and / or discipline specific supervision.

Workshops and Events

We are passionate about sharing our knowledge with families and the wider community, and are proud to offer various events and workshops that will grow confidence and ensure speech therapy can continue at home.

Our practical and interactive workshops can be designed specifically for parents, carers, clinicians and educators. During each workshop we provide participants with the tools to understand the speech pathology process, and support children as they grow and develop.