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When Should My Child’s Speech Sound Errors Resolve?

Learning to talk is a huge task to master! Your child has so many sounds to conquer – not only single sounds but combining these sounds to make words and phrases. And we know that all children find their voice and words at their own pace, making it harder to know if there is a challenge.

This Speech Sound Milestones Resource will help you to understand where your child sits with their development of speech sounds, and provides age specific milestones to guide your understanding.

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Finding a way to better understand your child’s development, and help them grow can set your mind at ease, particularity if you have noticed a difference between your child’s development and their peers or siblings.

A Growing Understanding is proud to share the Speech Sound Milestones Resource to help parents navigate their concerns, and build an understanding of what is considered age appropriate. This resource provides information on:

  • Phonological Processes (speech patterns)
  • Age Appropriate Production of Speech Sounds
  • Speech Intelligibility

If you do have any concerns about your child’s speech and language skills, please contact us. Early intervention is vital when it comes to helping children reach their full potential.

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