COVID-19 Resources for Kids

Helping Your Children Understand the COVID-19 Crisis

Now, more than ever, we need to support our children and help them understand the changing context of their every day life. Coronavirus (COVID-19) has turned our life upside down, inside out. And while we are struggling to adapt, our children, particularly those with speech and language difficulties, are struggling even more. It is up to us to provide guidance, support and communication materials that help them (and us) navigate this challenging time.

A Growing Understanding is dedicated to supporting families during this time, and one of the best ways we can do this is with information. By providing you with valuable resources that will help you explain the situation to your children and build their awareness, we can all gain a better understanding of what lies ahead.

We have four FREE resources available. These include Social Stories that will help your chid understand the unfolding situation. Utilising simple, clear language and images, the social stories address the potential impacts including staying at home and homeschooling, as well as what children can do to stay safe.

A Hand Washing Visuals Chart is also included. This chart can be downloaded, printed and placed in the bathroom for your child to look at and follow when washing their hands. Utilising simple and clear images, these visuals will prompt your child to wash their hands properly and help protect them from harmful germs.

Finally, we have created a Daily Schedule for you to download, print and utilise to create your very own routine that helps your child understand their daily tasks and what might be expected of them during this time.

Download These Helpful Resources

Daily Routine

Visual Daily Schedule

Social Story

All About Homeschooling

Social Story

All About Coronavirus

Hand Washing

Visuals for Children

By supporting each other, we can make it through this challenging time. The A Growing Understanding team are here to guide you through these unchartered waters, and help your children build their confidence and communication skills.

As registered providers with Medicare, private health funds and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), we will continue to work with children experiencing a variety of difficulties, disorders and disabilities.

We are utilising our years of experience in delivering Telehealth services to build a robust online service offering that includes children’s therapy, parent support sessions and online assessments. Click here to find out more and make an online appointment today.

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