Tamara Barr

Speech Pathologist and Early Career Lead
Tamara Barr Speech Pathologist | A Growing Understanding

Tamara Barr

Speech Pathologist and Early Career Lead

Meet Our Speech Pathologist Tamara Barr

Tamara is passionate about supporting children and their families with communication in all forms.

Tamara has been working in private practice since graduating from the University of Newcastle. She values building strong rapport and working collaboratively with children, their families, teachers and other professionals to achieve goals.

As an Early Career Lead with A Growing Understanding, Tamara provides support and supervision for early career speech pathologists.

Tamara has a strong interest in working with school aged children and is currently completing a Master’s degree in primary teaching.

Tamara's areas of interest:

School-aged Language and Literacy, Children’s Speech and Language Assessment and Therapy.

You can find Tamara at:

To make an appointment simply fill out the enquiry form below, use our online chat system, or call (02) 4044 1122.

"Nothing beats the feeling of seeing a client achieve their communication goals and witnessing the family celebrate their loved ones progress."

Individualised Speech Therapy and Assessments for Children

We offer children’s speech therapy services, assessments, parent education and support, workshops and group programs at all of our centres. We also provide online speech pathology services to ensure you and your child can continue your speech pathology journey from any location.

Our team will guide you through the process and ensure your family receives the right support.

If you need more help, contact our friendly team on (02) 4044 1122 or feel free to send us an email.