Alexa Elbourne

Speech Pathologist
Alexa Elbourne - A Growing Understanding

Alexa Elbourne

Speech Pathologist

Meet Our Speech Pathologist Alexa Elbourne

Alexa is a proud Worimi woman, dedicated Speech Pathologist and loves the salt water and spending time with her dog.

Through her work as a Speech Pathologist, Alexa is interested in understanding all the different ways we can communicate and advocating for people to be able to communicate with everyone, everywhere. She loves working with children to reach their individual goals around speech sounds, feeding and swallowing and early language and literacy skills.

Alexa has a strong passion for working with her Aboriginal community and is keen to play her part in closing the gap between Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal children, and helping them early in life and when they start school.

With an interest in revitalising Aboriginal languages at home and helping individuals learn more about their culture and heritage; Alexa published a children’s book in 2021 called ‘Speaking My Language’.

Alexa's areas of interest:

Speech Sounds, Feeding and Swallowing and Early Language and Literacy Skills.

You can find Alexa at:

To make an appointment simply fill out the enquiry form below, use our online chat system, or call (02) 4044 1122.

"I love growing my understanding of all the ways we can communicate and advocating for people to be able to communicate with everyone, everywhere."

Individualised Speech Therapy and Assessments for Children

We offer children’s speech therapy services, assessments, parent education and support, workshops and group programs at all of our centres. We also provide online speech pathology services to ensure you and your child can continue your speech pathology journey from any location.

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