Newcastle Speech Therapy Appointments

Newcastle Speech Therapy Appointments Myth Busters

Have you ever had a meeting or an appointment in Newcastle and thought “How am I going to find a car park?” Maybe you have just been given a referral for your child to see a speech pathologist but aren’t sure if there are any services available in Newcastle. It can all seem a little too hard at times, but the good news is that A Growing Understanding’s Newcastle Speech Pathology Centre solves all of these challenges. Our team are dedicated to helping you navigate your family’s speech pathology needs with ease and comfort.

Read on to discover how we address some of the common myths associated with accessing children’s speech therapy appointments in Newcastle.

Myth 1 – “I’ll never find a park on Darby Street!”

I am sure many of you would have battled the parking situation in Newcastle at some point. It can certainly add some extra pressure and time when looking to make an appointment.

As a client of A Growing Understanding, you will have access to a free car park in our building! It is undercover too, so you’ll be sheltered from the weather as you walk from your car to our centre – no brolly needed! Plus it is all on the one level and easy to access.

Newcastle Speech Pathology carpark

Myth 2 – “I can’t get an appointment outside of school or work hours with a speech pathologist in Newcastle.”

You spoke, we listened! We now have permanent extended hours to best suit you and your family’s schedule. With a change to our service structure, speech therapy appointments are now available Monday to Thursday from 7:30am to 7:00pm, and on Friday from 7.30am to 1.30pm. This change affords the families we work with flexibility and increased access to the support and services required across all three of our locations (Newcastle included).

Our friendly Client Experience Officers located at our Newcastle Speech Pathology Centre will collaborate with you to find appointments that suit your family and circumstances.

Myth 3 – “There are always waiting lists to see an experienced speech pathologist in Newcastle.”

With changes to our service structure, including additional appointment times, we have been proactive in expanding our team, so you and your family have access to experienced professionals when you need them. With a dedicated team of Speech Pathologists and Client Experience Officers ready to work with you, we are proud to say that there are currently no waiting lists! You will be able to access the services you require as soon as you need to.

We are extremely proud of the skills, experience and knowledge our team offers families in therapy sessions, group programs and even during the initial consultations where you are just trying to understand the best way forward for your child. With a dedicated approach to professional development and a passion for delivering evidence-based and individualised, you can be assured that your child is supported by talented, caring and nurturing professionals.

Myth 4 – “My child is more comfortable at home than in a clinic but I can’t find a speech pathologist who can do school or home appointments.”

We understand that many children with speech and language difficulties prefer the comfort of their home when it comes to working on their skills. To accommodate all children’s needs and help parents manage their busy schedules, we offer flexible services, including home and school visits, as well as online appointments.

Accessibility to speech pathology services is perhaps the most important thing when it comes to building a community of skilled communicators. It is also important to ensure all those involved with a child’s development have access to the support and advice they need to help children grow. This might include teachers, educators, other Allied Health professionals and, of course, parents and careers.

By providing greater access to appointments across a variety of locations and settings, we are positioned to better service our community and help children and their families continue to grow.


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