How We Help Parents

We will join you on your journey, no matter what it looks like, and provide you with the support, skills and understanding to help your child grow…

Growing Together

We believe that parent involvement is essential when it comes to achieving the best results. That is why our speech pathology services are anchored in what we call the Three ‘E’s of Family Growth:


By combining these three components, we can deliver an efficient and effective service that ensures you have the skills and confidence to support your child across a variety of contexts, including the delivery of therapy at home.

A Growing Understanding Speech Pathology Child

For change to occur in your child’s speech system, speech targets need to be produced 120 times during a single practice session and on most days of the week. This highlights the importance of our ‘parent-implemented intervention’ approach, which involves ongoing parent support and coaching during every therapy session.

As your child grows and develops during their speech therapy sessions, we will support you and help you develop the right skills to assist them in a variety of contexts.

Many children will have difficulties expressing their needs, pronouncing certain words, understanding instructions or even chewing and swallowing food. A Growing Understanding Speech Pathology offers assessment, diagnosis and therapy to help children with a wide range of speech, language, literacy, fluency (stuttering) and feeding difficulties.

If you find yourself asking the following questions, our skilled speech pathologists can help you navigate your concern and provide you and your child with the skills to connect, communicate and grow.

Celebrating Small Wins

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